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Version 1.0b8 of Kite

Release Notes: This release added support for Boehm's garbage collection library during the compile process and a new application that allows one to interactively run lines of code in the interpreter. A Windows port is now available, and associated bugs were fixed.

Other releases

  •  27 Dec 2012 11:21

Release Notes: Kite now uses the same Flex/Bison based parser that non–LLVM Kite uses, significantly improving compile time. 100% of Kite syntax can now be parsed. string|format was added to the standard library. kdoc (System.doc) support and prerequisite System.object methods are now fully functional. The eval statement now supported (e.g. eval “1|print;”). Code versioning support from non–LLVM Kite is now active. Compilation errors on some systems were fixed.

  •  09 Dec 2012 00:23

Release Notes: This is the initial release of the LLVM port of Kite.

  •  24 Nov 2010 10:20

Release Notes: Internal data structures were optimized for performance and memory consumption, and initial support for multiple inheritance was added.

  •  14 Apr 2009 06:52

    Release Notes: This release fixed problems with the Windows installer and with the Kite debugger.

    •  02 Mar 2009 06:28

    Release Notes: A new package building system has been added, as well as some new methods in the standard library. Several bugs have also been fixed.


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