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KisMAC is a stumbler application for Mac OS X that puts your card into monitor mode. Unlike most other applications for OS X, it is completely invisible and sends no probe requests.

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  •  24 Jun 2005 14:00

Release Notes: This release adds a new design, AppleScript (including recording), PrismGT, and new Atheros support. It has reworked WEP cracking and a new save file format.

  •  22 Mar 2004 05:56

Release Notes: This version adds netstumbler import, native GPSd support, and a partial French translation. It also speeds up the wordlist attacks. The airport driver should now be released cleanly on 10.3.2 or above. Many bugfixes were made.

  •  28 Oct 2003 03:08

Release Notes: This version has a new core engine, which is much faster. It also adds support for active stumbling with Apple Airport cards.

  •  26 Sep 2003 22:50

Release Notes: This version introduced capture filters and an average signal counter. GPSd is now supported and some major bugs were fixed.

  •  22 Aug 2003 11:13

Release Notes: This version fixes a major security leak which could lead to a local root compromise if the SUID option is used.

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11 Aug 2007 19:15 bond304

Thats almost exactly my case, im getting a usb wireless network card

15 Dec 2006 03:12 Lorina

Airport Extreme
Hello :)

I've installed kismac to get a wi-fi connection on a neighbour, wich have a WEP key.

I've got an Apple airport extreme card V.405.1 and I've noticed that Kismac don't give me the possibility to activate "Use as primacy device" (in the preferences pannels). It is because of my airport extreme card, passive mode ? I've tried with an active mode, but I read it was the passive one.

Do I have to buy a USB key to crack WEP & WAP keys ?

I can scan around me... but when I want to join a network (unsecure, with no key), nothing happens; and when I want to Deauthenticate, Kismac say that I have to go to my preferences to select a "primary device"...

but I can't :(

Thanks for your replies and sorry about my english, I'm just french ;)

config : Mac OS X 4.8 PPC G4

Ethernet & airport internet connection.

Thanks a lot :)


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