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Keep It Secret! Keep It Safe!

KisKis (Keep It Secret! Keep It Safe!) is an easy-to-use password manager. It allows the user to manage passwords for many different purposes, including network or Internet accounts, credit-card pin-numbers, and password-secured files. The accounts can be grouped hierarchically within a tree structure. Each account can be described by multiple attributes (such as user name or URL), file attachments, and comments. The history of each password change can be tracked. All passwords are stored in a single XML file using OpenPGP messages.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  30 Nov 2010 09:56

    Release Notes: This release includes many new features and bug fixes. The manual has been rewritten. A lot of automated tests were added.

    •  09 Dec 2007 14:57

      Release Notes: Password quality is now checked with cracklib.

      •  22 Mar 2007 15:01

        Release Notes: The code was updated to Java 6, maintaining backward-compatibility with Java 1.4. DOM4J was replaced with XOM 1.1. The consistency of the GUI was improved. iTAN support was introduced. Copying of elements via drag and drop was implemented. XML/HTML export was fixed.

        •  05 Aug 2006 10:56

          Release Notes: This release fixes the Password-by-template generator.

          •  16 Jul 2006 14:50

            Release Notes: Broken CSV exporting was fixed. The "name" column was renamed to "label". Searching is now case insensitive.

            Recent comments

            24 Mar 2006 09:15 RLZF

            Perfect Password Keeper
            This is a great password keeper packed with functions as described. I am using it with Linux with absolutely no difficulties. And it is very robust and exceptionally secure. One of my friends recommended KisKis to me and I have been extremely impressed. I manage a large amount of information with KisKis and have NEVER encountered a problem.

            17 Nov 2005 08:35 inky7836

            Brilliant Password Manager and Cross Platform!
            This is a brilliant cross platform password manager. It is evident a lot of work went into this application. It is robust, highly useful and so well adapted also to Linux. Its cross platform capability through java is an exceptionally strong plus. I have been searching for a cross platform password manager similar to some of the ones only available for Windows. I can't begin to praise this application enough!


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