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Kizome's ISA Piercing Tool

Kipt (Kizome's ISA Piercing Tool) is an HTTP proxy server and proxying name server with the ability to forward requests to other HTTP proxies or to get the documents directly from hosts. It can go through MS ISA Server or MS Proxy doing NTLM authentication. If you're stuck behind a restrictive firewall or proxy with at least one port open for outgoing connections and you have access to a machine outside, you can have nearly full Internet access by using this proxy and the socksify program from dante.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  16 Dec 2003 19:50

    Release Notes: This release has an anonymous-only FTP proxy which understands Unix-like, DOS/Windows, and VMS directory listings.

    •  11 Dec 2003 16:11

      Release Notes: A small but important change was made in the HTTP header handling, allowing you to once again log in to sites with strange repeated cookies like

      •  09 Dec 2003 01:33

        Release Notes: This release adds generic subprocess support, non-MS proxy support, a new stream multiplexer to install on the external machine for faster connections, more robust DNS and HTTP handling, and an SMTP sender for use with your MTA.

        •  05 Sep 2003 05:29

          No changes have been submitted for this release.


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