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Release Notes: This release adds the ability for a user to define an arbitrary number of user tools/tags, autosaving, better syntax highlighting (which deals with \verb and the verbatim environment), a summary of compilation results after running LaTeX, improved template support (you can define some standard values (e.g., author name) in the configuration dialog), improved "clicking on errors in the log file jumps to corresponding line", many bugfixes, and many small improvements in the interface.

Release Notes: MetaPost support has been added and the editor has been improved (line numbers, colors). Users can now define their own commands.

Release Notes: Embedded viewers for DVI and PostScript have been added. Spell checking is now possible for selected paragraphs and not only for the whole document. This release is only for KDE 3.1.

Release Notes: The user can now set the encoding character of the files. A "white on black" color scheme is available for the editor. New translations have been added.

Release Notes: The code has been adapted to QT 3.1.

Release Notes: In this version, the "Quick Start" wizard has been completed. Some translations have been added, and some bugs have been fixed.

Release Notes: In this version, the wizards have been improved and a bug in the "structure" view has been fixed. While using the "inverse search" command with Kdvi, a new instance of Kile is no longer launched if the program is already running.

Release Notes: The interface was enhanced. Some bugs were fixed.

Release Notes: This release adds compatibility with QT-3.0.5, toolbars configuration, new modes for the 'Quick build' command, a wizard for the 'Tabbing' environment and the ability to print the Postscript document directly with Kile. A few minor bugfixes were also added.

  •  14 Jun 2002 18:55

Release Notes: Some bugfixes, 370 mathematical symbols, support for "Inverse and Forward Search" (with KDVI), and a new tutorial and translations.


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