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KFileReplace can replace multiple strings by another string in all files or directories.


Recent releases

  •  14 Jul 2002 18:21

    Release Notes: This version has been ported to KDE3.

    •  04 Jan 2001 19:24

      Release Notes: A new simulation mode, commands to expand/reduce the result view, and Debian packages.

      Recent comments

      04 Jan 2001 15:04 redhog

      Shellscript? Regexps?
      This seems to be a nice GUI to

      replace () {
      find -regex "$1" | while read name; do
      if ![ -d "$name" ]; then
      cp -f "$name" "$name.tmp"
      cat "$name.tmp" | sed -e "$2" > "$name"
      rm -f "$name.tmp"

      Certainly nice for newbies. But why isn't this a part of Konqueror?

      Oh, and btw, the scripty above have the usage:
      replace regexp sexp
      where regexp is a regexp to match filenames with and sexp is a valid sed expression, for example a regexp replace expression, like "s/regexp/replacement/", to be used for replacing things in the matched files.


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