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KeyKit is a multi-tasking interpreted programming language (inspired by awk) designed exclusively for realtime and algorithmic MIDI manipulation. KeyKit's GUI provides several dozen tools for algorithmic music experimentation, including a multi-track sequencer and drum pattern editor. The GUI and all tools are completely written in the KeyKit language itself. This allows users to add new tools and operations to the existing tools, even while the system is running. Complete C source code and precompiled executables for Windows and Linux are provided.

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  •  21 Nov 2001 15:21

Release Notes: This release adds support for multiple MIDI ports, a realtime MIDI broadcasting server/client, a typo() instrument that lets you play/loop things with your qwerty keyboard, and the usual variety of algorithmic tools.

  •  30 Jan 2001 06:13

    Release Notes: A few new musical tools and functions have been added, and a few bugs have been fixed.


    Project Spotlight


    A tool for setup and on-demand mounting of encrypted filesystems under Linux.


    Project Spotlight


    Extensions providing additional features for Dolphin's right click menu in KDE.