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14 Dec 2006 14:53 maxdakwing

Great tool - good read
I can only recommend the articles mentioned earlier, however it seems the URLs have changed -

15 Jul 2003 13:51 ralfhauser

how does this compare to win-ssh-askpass
When using the solution as per ( and c8, I only have to enter my passwords once for all the cygwin logins I have under my one windows user session - is the ganaware solution therefore a win32 equivalent?

15 Jul 2003 13:46 ralfhauser

idle timeout like screen saver with password
for end users, it may be important that my ssh-tunnels are only operational as long as I am logged on to my machine via the terminal.

Does keychain have such an option or do I have to wait until ( is available from ssh directly?

21 Nov 2002 19:42 Stalione

A great tool if used wisely
Anyone looking into key based authentication into their boxes should definitly look into this software. Also I highly suggest that you read the three part series called "OpenSSH key management" by Daniel at the IBM website.

I am looking forward to implementing key based authentication on all our servers in the datacenter (after testing of course ;-) )
Also do note that the article was writted for ver 1.0. As I write this note keychain is at version 2. So don't follow the article blindly (just like any other document). Make sure you read keychain --help and the Readme.


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