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KernelKit is a Knoppix derivative dedicated to developers of Linux device drivers and Free Software embedded systems. In particular, it includes uClibc cross-compiling toolchains for several embedded architectures (currently arm, armeb, i386, mips, mipsel, PPC, m68k and sh4) and emulators (currently qemu and SkyEye). It can be used for demonstration or training purposes, or by developers who cannot install GNU/Linux on their workstations.


Recent releases

  •  15 Jun 2007 17:40

    Release Notes: This release adds the texinfo 4.8.dfsg.1-4 package (needed to run buildroot).

    •  09 Feb 2007 14:18

      Release Notes: This release has been remastered from Knoppix 5.1.1. It adds the usbtree, insight, and kdbg tools.

      •  28 Jan 2007 14:14

        Release Notes: This version features uclibc toolchain fixes and a gcc 4.1.x CodeSourcery ARM EABI toolchain for glibc. The sh4 uclibc toolchain was removed to make room for the CodeSourcery one.

        •  01 Sep 2006 23:07

          Release Notes: This release is a new remaster from Knoppix 5.0.1. It also includes more useful tools for embedded Linux system developers: kcachegrind, gitk, monotone, kdevelop, gxemul, cmake, ddd, cscope, kscope, lmbench, clink, finddup, and dupmerge.

          •  06 Apr 2006 04:53

            Release Notes: This release adds the following new packages: nfs-user-server (2.2beta47-22), subversion (1.2.3dfsg1-3), and gxemul (0.3.8-1). It also ships with calcc 0.1.1, a 32 and 64 bit number calculator and converter. It fixes the hand-made install of qemu, which lacked the /etc/qemu-ifup script. The default Knoppix bookmarks were replaced with more useful ones (particularly a link to LXR Web sites). The uClibc toolchains were updated.


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