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KerBlue offers a development architecture which enables one to design a sustainable Web application, taking into account that technologies will change. This architecture is split up into 5 parts: the Sustainable Virtual Application (SVA), the Sustainable Virtual Application Generator (SVAG), the Sustainable Virtual Framework (SVF), the Sustainable Concrete Application Generator (SCAG), and the Target Technical Platform (TTP).


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  •  25 Mar 2009 13:54

Release Notes: This Virtual Disk Image, based on Virtual Box, provides Sustainable IDE/ECM, Alfresco 2.9B Community Edition. It is packaged on a Debian system, so you can test and evaluate the technology quickly.

  •  19 Mar 2009 17:13

    Release Notes: Compatible with Alfresco Generator 1.2.60 for BlueXML Developer Studio.

    Release Notes: Mac OS X installer distribution is a .dmg file. There is a more "user-friendly" installer.

    Release Notes: Installers are now available for Windows and Mac OS X.

    Release Notes: This release allows separated and distant databases for Liferay and Alfresco.


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