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  •  06 Aug 2002 13:50

Release Notes: By default, the ebuild list is displayed using a tree-like view in this order: "category/package/version & scriptrevision". The description and last modified date of the packages is now displayed inside the list view. It is now possible to search inside the description and filter based on the last modified date. Only one entry of an identical package located at the same location is now displayed.

  •  30 Jul 2002 17:14

Release Notes: This release can filter the display of the ebuild list by all possible columns using a regular expression.

  •  30 Apr 2002 16:52

    Release Notes: An application icon, indication of progress while initially loading the ebuild list, no longer displaying icons inside the toolbar or menu items that are not implemented, new documentation, and allowing the user to merge specific ebuild scripts or the latest version of a package independently of their install states through KebuildPart.

    •  09 Apr 2002 18:49

    Release Notes: This release allows a user to view the content of the ebuild script at any desired time (before, after, or during emerge/unmerge).

    •  05 Apr 2002 14:27

    Release Notes: This release has support for automation scripting through DCOP. The ebuild list contains columns to display the path of the ebuild script, the name, and merge status. The ebuild merge state possible value are 'yes' or 'no'. This release will properly parse script revisions in package names, such as 'file-roller-0.5.ebuild'.

    •  03 Apr 2002 16:48

    Release Notes: This release will simply list the ebuild script.


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