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kdissert is a mind-mapping tool to help students write texts such as dissertations, theses, and reports. It features both a mindmap view and a linear view, and several document generators (LaTeX text and slides, writer, HTML, and plain text).

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  20 Apr 2005 01:45

    Release Notes: Several new tools have been added: a color toolbar, a zoom selector, undo and redo actions, and drag and drop actions. The most important document generators have been improved: LaTeX article, LaTeX book, and writer (rich text conversion). An applet generator was added. Compilation fixes have been added for FreeBSD systems and 64bit Linux platforms.

    •  25 Mar 2005 18:46

      Release Notes: Two new connection styles have been added (thick and thin splines). The default reorganization scheme has been improved. The link handler has been rewritten, and links can be loaded automatically. New documents created are automatically opened in Konqueror. Several new shortcuts have been added, and the HTML and generators have been improved.

      •  08 Mar 2005 22:25

        Release Notes: Several shortcuts have been added. Several parts of the GUI (settings and dialogs) have been changed. Many crashes and installation issues have been resolved.

        •  02 Feb 2005 11:28

          Release Notes: A spell checker, and two new panels for editing the mindmap item properties (text, pictures, attached documents) have been added. Three new cleaning modes have been introduced to reorganize the mindmap trees automatically.

          •  17 Jan 2005 18:53

            Release Notes: Several panels have been added: a konsole and a linear view. The configuration panel and the shortcut editor have been fixed. The plain text and HTML export templates have been improved.

            Recent comments

            13 Feb 2008 15:17 gvy

            Re: next release
            Would be absolutely great to add something like graphviz's ability to auto-arrange objects, especially with hints like "this is toplevel, this tree grows down there with nodes on the same horizontal levels"...

            Thanks for both KDissert and Semantik anyways!

            26 Apr 2004 02:43 tnagy

            next release
            Kdissert is being rewritten. The nex version is not

            usable yet, but some development snapshots are

            available to see how the application evolves


            A usable release is expected for may/june.


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