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Version 4.2 Beta 1 of KDevelop

Release Notes: Many new features and support for KDE 4.6 and higher.

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Release Notes: This version added integration for unit tests, so that you can easily run and debug them while working on your projects. The New Class wizard was updated and many changes were made with regards to polishing of the UI in different places. Better support for C++ 11 features was provided.

  •  07 Nov 2012 22:46

Release Notes: This release fixes code completion bugs, a few crashes, and building on PowerPC.

Release Notes: New in this release is a welcome screen for improved usability and an easier entry into the KDevelop world. Many bugs were fixed, and quite some time was spent on optimizing existing code paths.

  •  20 Apr 2012 13:55

Release Notes: This release improves C++11 and GCC 4.7 support. It fixes bugs in the PHP and QtHelp documentation plugins.

Release Notes: The most important new feature in this release is basic support for the new C++11 standard. Folded code regions, bookmarks, etc. are now properly restored for the last 20 opened files. VCS Changes shows you which files have changed in your project since the last commit. The embedded Konsole in KDevelop has seen some improvements - when you use Bash, it is now possible to control the surrounding KDevelop session. Integrated source formatting was improved. There were also some noteworthy performance improvements.


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