Version 0.8 of Kdenlive

Release Notes: This new version brings several new features, including improved user interface, proxy clips, audio monitoring, HDMI output, new effects and more.

Other releases

Release Notes: This version adds a Reverse clip option to Clip Jobs that creates a backwards clip. The list of audio / video bitrates can now be customized in custom rendering profiles. This release fixes several bugs and crashes, including a very annoying bug that caused project files to seem corrupted.

  •  30 May 2012 23:27

Release Notes: This release brings many bugfixes.

Release Notes: This version brings improved effects workflow, automatic audio alignment, easy import of online resources, and usability improvements. There were also many bugfixes.

  •  10 Dec 2011 23:17

Release Notes: This bugfix release solves several startup crashes and other important problems in the 0.8.2 version.

Release Notes: This release brings many bugfixes and stability improvements (more than 140 issues solved). The proxy clips (clips replacing the original ones when editing a format that is too slow to edit, such as AVCHD) should work fine now. HDMI capture should also be improved, and some GUI multi-threading should make operations a bit smoother.


Project Spotlight

Personal File Manager

A customizable file manager resembling PFM for DOS.


Project Spotlight


A persistence and application distribution framework.