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  •  10 Nov 2013 03:24

    Release Notes: Source filenames with international characters are now handled better. Values of global variables as printed by recent versions of GDB are supported better.

    •  01 Apr 2013 17:54

      Release Notes: GDB's breakpoint list is now parsed correctly in more cases. Communication with a localized GDB works now. A crash in the memory display has been fixed. The Russian and Croatian translations have been updated.

      •  23 Aug 2012 00:05

        Release Notes: Support for GDB 7.5 has been added. More of GDB's output is now recognized in some corner cases.

        •  27 Oct 2011 21:06

          Release Notes: .hpp files undergo syntax highlighting. The keys j and k can be used to move the cursor position in the source code. wchar_t strings as printed by GDB 7.2 are recognized. The thread list as well as program exit as reported by GDB 7.3 are detected correctly. Enum values in anonymous namespaces are now recognized.

          •  03 Apr 2011 07:42

            Release Notes: This release is based on KDE4. A number of icons were exchanged with Oxygen icons. Session state for each debugged program is now stored in a section in $KDEHOME rather than in a .kdbgrc file in the program's directory. More accurate parsing of GDB responses of various commands fixed bugs in certain areas, in particular, temporary breakpoints, register values, truncated struct values, and disassembly (again). "View Code" from the breakpoint list can open the source code in more cases.

            •  09 Jun 2010 22:38

              Release Notes: The display of assembler code when gdb 7.1 is used was fixed.

              •  28 Mar 2010 12:08

                Release Notes: Compilation with newer glibc was fixed. Syntax highlighting was fixed. A crash with certain command line invocations was fixed. A crash during variable window update was fixed.

                •  06 Sep 2009 23:14

                  Release Notes: Source code windows have tabs attached and show the line number. "Direct member" display of template types was greatly improved; in particular, the number of elements in STL and Qt collection classes are shown. Arguments for the debugged program can be passed on KDbg's command line.

                  •  21 Dec 2008 11:38

                  Release Notes: A crash that happened when disassemble was clicked while no executable was loaded was fixed. There is now a Simplified Chinese translation.

                  •  19 Dec 2007 02:42

                  Release Notes: Core files on FreeBSD can be loaded.


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