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KDE Disk archiver is a disk-based archiving and backup utility. It can perform differential backups, which means that it can quickly store the differences between a recent full backup and the current state of your data. An archive browser easily allows you to view the "table of contents" of your archive. A sophisticated file filtering mechanism allows you to select which files and directories to backup or restore, and which files to compress. The table of contents can be extracted from the archive and used as a reference when making differential backups, which means you don't need your archive CDs handy to do a differential backup of the entire filesystem.

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  •  24 Aug 2004 08:47

Release Notes: Basic printing functionality for message window output was added. The message window can be cleared. Backup profiles allow the user to save and restore creation and extraction settings. Creation messages are displayed in the statusbar. This prevents the program from slowing down for large archives. Feedback on the current slice and its size are displayed in the statusbar during archive creation. The first slice sizes of all media types can be changed. Creation progress is now presented to the user.

No changes have been submitted for this release.

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08 Mar 2005 08:28 cerceaux Thumbs up

The backup solution i was looking for.

Simple to use, configurable, efficient.

It's a real timesaver.

One last feature on my wish list would be an option to export profiles in bash scripts that could be executed as cron jobs.

But thanks for kdar.


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