Version 5.04 of KernelDriver

Release Notes: DriverWizard was fixed to allow the Debug Monitor GUI to run under Linux. DriverWizard can now generate code with an IOCTL to perform WD_License().

Other releases

  •  03 Dec 2002 06:28

Release Notes: Support was added for Linux kernels compiled with gcc 3.x (such as that included with Red Hat 8.0). PCI bus mastering is now enabled on Linux to solve a problem with several BIOSes that do not support this natively.

  •  24 Oct 2002 08:33

Release Notes: KernelDriver can now be loaded prior to loading WINDRVR.SYS. Several transfer commands that acknowledge an interrupt/for interrupt acknowledgement can now be set in the DriverWizard. The Debug Monitor buffer overflow behavior was improved so that older messages are lost rather than new messages.

  •  17 Sep 2002 12:45

Release Notes: Support for 64-bit data transfer on x86 platforms running 32-bit operating systems was added to Jungo, as well as an API for the PLX Technology, Inc. PCI 9656 64-bit I/O Accelerator chip. Other enhancements include KernelDriver API support for multiple interface USB devices, dual processor and SMP support on Linux, and scatter/gather DMA support on Linux 2.4.

Release Notes: Code generation for user drivers now generates documentation for both the header and body of the functions. Dual processor and SMP support was added for Linux.

Release Notes: Plug and play and power notification events handling was added, both at the kernel and at the user level. Support for 64-bit data transfer on x86 machines was added, allowing new 64-bit buses to be used on existing 32-bit Linux operating systems with improved performance. Dual processor and SMP support on Linux was added. Support for scatter/gather DMA on Linux 2.4 was added.


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