Version 7 of kcov

Release Notes: In the Web page output, only common parts of the source file path are displayed to make reading easier. A crash bug in command-line argument passing was fixed, and some smaller internal improvements were made.

    Other releases

    •  21 Mar 2014 19:13

      Release Notes: This release adds several bugfixes and output improvements to the Python engine and adds an unfinished engine for Linux kernel code coverage.

      •  02 Mar 2014 14:23

        Release Notes: Support for collecting coverage for Python programs has been added, and a hanging bug for shared libraries has been fixed.

        •  05 Feb 2014 21:05

          Release Notes: This release adds options to only collect coverage data and only process collected data. PowerPC support has been added.

          •  08 Dec 2013 21:38

            Release Notes: Bugfixes for shared library handling: fixes a hang if a breakpoint comes in before the shared library handler constructor has executed; corrects an allocation bug in the shared library handler.

            •  19 Oct 2013 14:44

              Release Notes: Multiple bugfixes, especially to shared library code coverage. Debug info can now be found from the build-id. There were miscellaneous usability improvements.


              Project Spotlight

              Gnome Partition Editor

              A graphical frontend to libparted.


              Project Spotlight


              A simple XML editor.