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KCachegrind visualizes profiles of program runs in various ways, including a tree map and call graph visualization, and source and assembler annotation. It is designed to be fast and to provide a quick overview of very large programs, such as KDE applications. A source for profile data is Callgrind, a Valgrind plugin, which produces call graph and cache simulation events. While this can run unmodified binaries, the simulation slows down measuring. For other profile tools like OProfile, format converters are provided.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  07 Oct 2005 07:49

    Release Notes: This version was ported to Valgrind 3.0.x. This means support both for x86 and x86-64 applications.

    •  02 Apr 2005 05:22

      Release Notes: Support for Valgrind 2.4.0 was added. Wildcards are now fully supported in function name patterns on the command line. Cache-Reuse metrics are now supported by using "--cacheuse=yes" and metric "SLoss" to locate badly aligned/layed out data structures. This shows the wasted amount of memory channel bandwidth, as it is the amount of data which was loaded into cache but never actually used.

      •  04 Sep 2004 03:48

        Release Notes: The call-graph generating profiling tool and cache simulator for Valgrind was renamed to Callgrind. It now supports Valgrind up to version 2.2.0. A new --collect-systime=yes option was added for obtaining the times spent in system calls. --simulate-cache=no should be used to be able to load the data into KCachegrind. Cache simulation can be temporarily switched off to skip execution parts where no measurement is wanted. This accelerates these parts almost to real-time.

        •  29 Apr 2004 01:33

          Release Notes: This release adds converter scripts for OProfile, Perl, and PHP. It allows switching between multiple visualization layouts. The call graph can be exported as a PNG. Simultaneous display of 2 event types in Call and Annotation views is possible. There are terminology corrections and bugfixes.

          •  09 Sep 2003 05:46

            Release Notes: This version includes an annotated disassembler view with flow information (jump arrows), and an interactive call graph view for the call relationship around the current active function.


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