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Kasai is a Java-based authentication and authorization framework. It allows you to integrate into your application a granular and manageable permission scheme. It's targeted at the specific security requirements that arise in real-life applications such as Intranets, ERPs, CRMs, document managers, accounting systems, etc.

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  •  07 Sep 2007 11:33

Release Notes: A Web-based administrative interface, including user, group and role management, and audit queries. Complete support for user and group custom attributes. SQL Server support. PostgreSQL support. The addition of Jasypt for RDBMSAuthService password hashing, and updated parameters related to this. This release supports "strong", "basic", and "cleartext" password hashing. Customizable password validators have been added. There are several minor enhancements and bugfixes.

  •  30 Aug 2005 15:18

No changes have been submitted for this release.

  •  08 Jun 2005 14:01

Release Notes: Recompiled with Java 2 1.4 support.

  •  12 May 2005 11:08

Release Notes: This release adds cleartext passwords support to RDBMSAuthService, and adds methods to create new users specifying an initial password. A bug that prevented random passwords from being assigned to new users and a bug when validating and changing a null password have been fixed. Email configuration properties have been added to

Release Notes: Support was added for Win32 authentication service, AS/400 authentication service, and a SOAP access facade using AXIS. KasaiFacade was changed so that the "real" exceptions are thrown in every method (i.e. DoesntExistException instead of CriticalException or NonCriticalException). Major code refactoring was done by using the DAO pattern.


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Usable configuration management.


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A tool that shows histograms of used byte-values in files.