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Karra is a flexible, Web-based, multi-lingual system for creating digital libraries of images, documents, URLs, and associated metadata. It could be used to archive and organise an organisation’s photo collection, providing a historical record. It could be used in scientific study where images of particular items need to be stored with data or geographical information. Textual information can be included with each item, creating a valuable repository of data and providing a way to search for records later.

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  •  08 Sep 2006 01:56

Release Notes: A bug relating to searching controlled index fields was fixed.

  •  15 Aug 2006 01:31

Release Notes: gettext problems on Windows were fixed. template.po was removed, as it was in the wrong place. Missing fields were added to the SQL dump. A dependency on the fileinfo module was eliminated due to problems installing in Windows.

  •  01 Aug 2006 05:26

Release Notes: All file types are now handled. Consequently, the name, Open Searchable Image Catalogue does not accurately reflect the function of the software. The project's name was changed to Karra. This version represents some major changes and breaks compatibility with previous versions of OSIC. If you are using a previous version and want to retain your existing database, you will need to stick with until 0.7.2 is released.

  •  30 May 2006 06:57

Release Notes: Critical security issues were fixed.


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