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  •  10 Mar 2010 20:07

Release Notes: This release takes advantage of features of QT 4.3. The game of Crazy Eights has been added. The interface has been simplified for ease of use. All previous settings and game files are incompatible with this release.

  •  05 Aug 2007 04:47

Release Notes: This release adds Euchre to the list of games available to play. Lots of bugs have been fixed with the Cribbage game.

  •  15 Mar 2007 23:01

Release Notes: The bug in Cribbage where the computer player's hand would continue to be shown if the computer was the dealer and won the stake in his hand count was fixed. Old Maid was added. Improvments in the libraries and the make file were made. Images for the back of the cards were added. The skill rattings were adjusted to more consistant.

  •  22 Dec 2006 23:16

Release Notes: It is important to note that saved game files prior to this release will no longer work. New images were added along with default male and female images. The game of spades is now available for play. Every player now has AI for every game. You can now customize the card images and the player image. The play sequence shown to the player was changed to be more natural. You can sort the cards in your hand. The Cribbage board no longer fails to update correctly, the default ordering in the players hand in Hearts was fixed, and dialogues are no longer are larger than the game screen.

  •  28 Oct 2006 13:20

Release Notes: This is a major step forward for KardsGT. Several of the annoying graphical bugs were fixed. In addition, new artwork was added. The game of Hearts was included. New players to play against were created.

  •  05 Aug 2006 01:33

Release Notes: The game of Cribbage was improved and fixed. War was introduced into the game. A better looking card back image was added. The game file structure was changed and is no longer compatible with the previous versions. Graphical bugs with KardPile and KardSequence were fixed.


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