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KAppTemplate is a set of modular shell scripts that will create a framework for any number of KDE application types. At its base level, it handles creation of things like the automake/autoconf framework, lsm files, RPM spec files, and po files. Then, there are individual modules that allow you to create a skeleton KDE application, a KPart application, a KPart plugin, or even convert existing source code to the KDE framework. KAppTemplate is continuously updated to ensure that the latest "recommended" way of doing things is followed. This guarantees that you will always be doing the "right thing" by using KAppTemplate generated frameworks.


Recent releases

  •  06 Jul 2001 05:14

    Release Notes: KPart template's part should be able to find its XML file again. KApp template now uses new KDE 2.2 printing architecture. Other minor bugfixes.

    •  16 Feb 2001 06:04

      Release Notes: This release includes working command-line options, FreeBSD support, and some fixes for the KPart plug-in.

      •  04 Feb 2001 22:32

        Release Notes: This release is an almost complete rewrite. KAppTemplate is now much more modular and extensible. It is now possible to create four types of applications: a "Normal" very full featured KDE app, a KParts application with Shell and Part, a KPart plugin capable of interacting with KHTMLPart, and a "bare" framework that can be used to add automake/autoconf support to existing code. Other frameworks (like kicker applets, etc.) will be coming soon.

        •  16 Oct 2000 22:20

          Release Notes: New --help and --noinit options (--noinit will make kapptemplate not run configure on the newly-created project).

          •  26 Sep 2000 22:16

            Release Notes: Hooks for more KAboutData information, and changes to moc files to use moc.cpp instead of #include.


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