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Kandid is a system to evolve graphics. Graphics, in Kandid, are not drawn by hand. Instead, new forms can be found using genetic algorithms. To achieve this aim Kandid simulates evolution using sexual reproduction and mutation. But there is no fitness function inside the program. Only the user can decide what images are interesting. Populations and genes can be stored in XML format. Image calculation is based on Lisp-like expressions, Lindenmayer Systems, Iterated Function Systems, Linear Cellular Automata, Voroni diagrams, and layered textures or isosurfaces rendered by the Persistence of Vision raytracer.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  18 Jan 2005 19:19

    Release Notes: This production version is tested under Java 5. The breeder mail system is replaced by a public available Web database for image chromosomes. The binding to "Cosmic Recursive Fractal Flames" is updated to the newest version of the flame renderer.

    •  01 Jan 2005 23:06

      Release Notes: You can now share the chromosomes of your favorite images with other Kandid users. The chromosomes are stored in a publicly available database at This Web database can be accessed with Kandid version 0.3.7. Images can be downlaoded and added to the public database directly from the program. All published images should be licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 license.

      •  22 Jun 2004 21:21

        Release Notes: Some bugs are fixed in the Postscript and printing module. The resolution of exported images is now calculated with 300 DPI. Former versions produced only 72 DPI Postscript output.

        •  18 Jun 2004 02:28

          Release Notes: The code for connecting with POVray and Fractal Flame was completely rewritten. On Windows a preview is now displayed as in the Linux version, although incremental image update from external processes or when running the calculation processes with reduced priority is only supported under Linux.

          •  07 Jun 2004 19:43

            Release Notes: Kandid can now evolve isosurface objects for POVray. Since Version 3.5, the Persistence of Vision ray tracer can render a 3D object defined by an arbitrary mathematical function. The surface rendered is an equipotential surface of this function. The SDL script and the functions are generated by Kandid. A fast CPU is recommended.

            Recent comments

            21 Jan 2005 11:21 blindzone

            Re: Files?

            > Have you actually uploaded these files

            > to sourceforge yet?

            > All the mirrors are reporting that they

            > have not recieved the files listed.

            Yes, the Kandid 1.0 realease its on


            Kandid 1.0.0 source + jar

            2005-01-18 08:03


            kind regards


            18 Jan 2005 16:58 balamm

            Have you actually uploaded these files to sourceforge yet?

            All the mirrors are reporting that they have not recieved the files listed.


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