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  •  18 Dec 2006 15:00

Release Notes: This release fixes a crash on some systems when saving the Preferences dialog.

  •  05 Dec 2006 23:26

Release Notes: This version fixes the problem where KAlarm would hang up on its initial startup.

  •  05 Dec 2006 02:20

Release Notes: A hang-up that occurred when starting the program was fixed.

  •  02 Dec 2006 19:47

Release Notes: The layouts of the alarm edit dialog and preferences dialog have been improved. Bugs have been fixed, notably the bug in editing options for the 29th of February for non-leap years. Farsi and Belarusian translations have been added, and other translations were improved.

  •  18 May 2006 05:43

Release Notes: Corruption of alarms which were displayed at logout and then deferred after next login was fixed. Disabled alarms are no longer shown in the system tray tooltip. A Georgian translation was added.

  •  06 Feb 2006 04:51

Release Notes: A kalarmd hang which occurred when a late-cancel alarm is triggered and KAlarm is in on-demand run mode was fixed. Autoclose now works. The toolbar configuration is now saved when KAlarm quits. The translations were improved.

  •  25 Jan 2006 08:18

Release Notes: kalarmd no longer hangs when a late-cancel alarm is triggered at startup, if KAlarm is running in on-demand mode.

  •  15 Dec 2005 07:16

Release Notes: A problem in which email attachments were being forgotten when alarms are saved was fixed. Toolbar configuration changes are now saved when the program quits. The translations were improved.

  •  30 Oct 2005 21:51

Release Notes: Fixes a compile error in older gcc compilers. Fixes a crash on KDE 3.0. Improved translations.

  •  24 Apr 2005 17:31

Release Notes: KMix is now only started if a sound volume was specified for the alarm. The sound volume is now reset as soon as playing has completed. The sound file is not played if the volume is set to zero. Other minor bugs have been fixed. A Basque translation has been added.


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