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Version 1.0.7 of kaffe

Release Notes: This release has been ported to ia64 GNU/Linux, S390 GNU/Linux, PA-RISC GNU/Linux, and Darwin (Mac OS X). A JIT port was added for Alpha on Compaq Tru64 and GNU/Linux. PowerPC is now supported without libffi. A new version of KJC (2.1A with patches from kopi CVS) is now used. New encoding converters based on iconv() were added. Lots of bugfixes were made.

Other releases

  •  02 Apr 2006 13:19

Release Notes: This release merges in GNU Classpath 0.90, zlib, and fastjar, and updates the included boehm-gc to 6.6 and gjdoc to 0.7.7. New ports were added to the blackfin CPU, DROPS, FreeBSD on Alpha and Itanium, OpenBSD on PowerPC, and DragonFly BSD. Support for Cygwin and OpenBSD has been improved, and simple direct threading support has been added to the interpreter. There are many bugfixes and small improvements.

  •  28 Sep 2005 03:48

Release Notes: There were many cleanups, warning fixes, and bug fixes. Tools.jar was moved to the location where Maven 1 expects it, so that Maven 1 builds now work. The core class library was updated to GNU Classpath 0.18. Native library loading for Cygwin and Darwin was fixed and merged with GNU Classpath. Kaffe's home-grown system class loader was replaced by GNU classpath's system class loader. JIT fixes were applied for sparc, x86 and powerpc. JVMPI has been cleaned up so that JMP works now.

  •  17 Apr 2005 13:46

Release Notes: The merge with GNU Classpath has been mostly finished, including new and improved support for AWT and Swing. A new nano-X AWt backend had been added. JNI support has been improved to the 1.2 level, with partial 1.4 support. Weak references have been implemented. Stack pointer and stack size handling have been reworked. This release adds new ports to FreeBSD on x86-64, Darwin on x86, and HP-UX on IA-64. DNSJava, Jessie, JZLib, and gjdoc have been merged in, as well as a JIT for PowerPC and the Boehm-Weiser garbage collector.

  •  28 Feb 2004 15:13

Release Notes: Support for security policy files has been added. Fixes for crypto, JSSE, Posix-threads, and sound support have been made. More code has been merged with GNU Classpath. New documentation on porting kaffe has been included. Various cleanups and refactorings have been performed.

  •  09 Dec 2003 05:23

Release Notes: More code has been merged from GNU Classpath: java.beans, java.util.Date, java.util.jar,,, and javax.swing.EventListenerList. Further NIO and JVMPI support has been implemented. A bug in which may have security implications has been fixed. In the VM core, there have been various JIT and interpreter fixes for multiple platforms, as well as build fixes for powerpc64 and improvements to IPv6 support. Kaffe's Java compiler (KJC) has seen some bugfixes as well. Finally, there have been lots of minor bugfixes, and small code cleanups.


Project Spotlight


A portable, cross-platform program for brief system information.


Project Spotlight


A text filling and wrapping plugin for Apple Mail.