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Version 0.12.17 of K3b

Release Notes: Saving and loading of the file view configuration was fixed. The ffmpeg autoconf check was improved. More FreeBSD compile fixes were made. Symbolic link handling was fixed in data projects (a bug introduced in 0.12.16). The UTF-8 encoding is used to store and load local CDDB entries. The growisofs parameter -dvd-compat is never used with DVD+RW media. FLAC audio encoding was fixed for the audio project conversion feature.

Other releases

  •  09 Apr 2011 19:30

Release Notes: Besides the usual bug fixing, this release adds a new build option allowing you to compile out any dependencies to HAL.

  •  30 Jun 2010 13:38

    Release Notes: This release marks the last milestone in the effort to port the code to KDE's current version 4. K3b now takes advantage of the new platform and integrates better with it. This version is a direct port of its KDE3 predecessor. The overall look remains the same, but it now uses modern widgets. With a few exceptions, K3b keeps feature-parity with the 1.0.x series, but it also introduces a number of new features. Perhaps the biggest among these is support for Blu-ray drives. Additionally, a lot of work has been put into improving the overall user experience.

    •  02 Nov 2007 13:47

    Release Notes: This release never uses the growisofs parameter -dvd-compat with DVD-RW media in restricted overwrite mode. It unmounts the medium before DVD formatting. It silently (without introducing new strings for translation) allows the burning of files bigger than 4 GB with appropriate versions of genisoimage or mkisofs. It only reloads the medium before verification if necessary, i.e. if the newly written track cannot be read otherwise (many old drives depend on this). Hopefully this will at least work around the awful "DMA disabled" bug for many users.

    •  23 Jul 2007 04:30

    Release Notes: The old behavior of reloading a medium before verification was reverted. The program no longer crashes when the currently playing audio project item is removed. Desktop actions to handle empty media with K3b were added. Read retry when reading data tracks was fixed. K3b's dialogs now honor the global button layout setting. MP3 files without tags no longer crash the program if it was compiled with taglib support. Copying a rewritable media to itself is no longer allowed. A crash on startup with devices that return bogus GET PERFORMANCE data was fixed.

    •  19 Apr 2007 03:24

    Release Notes: This release fixed a crash when using the Device menu without a selected device, DVD copy when reading from a DVD+RW, the --without-alsa configure check, a crash in Video DVD ripping when the title does not contain an audio stream, multi-session import size handling, and Lame quality preset handling. libk3bdevice is now really thread-safe, which fixes a disabled DMA bug. The order of the buttons in the tool dialogs was changed to match the KDE order. Handling was added for genisoimage's -allow-limited-size parameter. Better compatibility with recent transcode development versions was achieved.


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