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JWt (Java Web Toolkit) is a library for developing accessible and interactive Web applications with an API that is widget-centric and inspired by desktop GUI APIs. To the developer, it offers abstraction of Web-specific implementation details, including graceful degradation. Under the hood, the library uses the latest techniques when available to handle events and update the user interface.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  28 May 2014 10:37

    Release Notes: This is mostly a bugfix and maintenance release.

    •  12 Mar 2014 21:28

      Release Notes: Twitter Bootstrap 3.1 is now supported in addition to version 2. A new WGLWidget was added, which implements GL-based 3D graphics, using either client-side WebGL or server-side OpenGL. The latter approach renders (using jogl) in an off-screen buffer, and can be used as a portable solution when WebGL is not available in the browser, or when scene complexity is so high that downloading the entire scene to a client is less efficient. A 3D Graphics Library was added to complement the existing 2D charting API. The wthttpd received several improvements from architectural changes, as well as performance improvements.

      •  16 Oct 2013 15:46

        Release Notes: This release has a focus on bugfixes and other cleanups after the big changes that went into 3.3.0. New functionality includes support for TinyMCE 4 in WTextEdit and a CSS stylesheet parser (and many other improvements) in the HMTL-to-PDF renderer.

        •  08 Apr 2013 21:30

          Release Notes: Twitter Bootstrap was adopted as a new theme in addition to the existing CSS-based themes. As a result, several new widgets were added (toolbar, navigation bar, split button, and date edit) and improved (menus and popup menus). The widget gallery has undergone a complete rework.

          •  29 Nov 2011 10:58

            Release Notes: The logging infrastructure was overhauled to use SLF4J. Session timeout handling was improved. Servlet 2.5 and 3.0 container support has been unified.


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            Project Spotlight

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