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JVanish is a minimalistic 3D engine that implements a vanishing point projection (Fluchtpunktprojektion) based solely on standard Web technologies: JavaScript, XHTML, CSS, and SOAP. The project's goal is to find a generic and useful XHTML-based 3D widget set, while staying mostly lightweight in an AJAX Web environment.


Recent releases

  •  22 Apr 2007 13:27

    Release Notes: This release introduces new major features and concepts. The virtual space now has an "in-sight region" and an "outer region". Only objects in sight are rendered. The 3D-viewport can be translated (moved, rotated, scaled) to view a scene from any perpective at any zoom level. The online demo shows a sensor data tracker for geo-tagged objects (like an air traffic control monitor). The sensor data can be read from a RSS feed and will display in a virtual space to be tracked. (Note that some features of older releases still need to be reintegrated.)

    •  10 Apr 2007 07:53

      Release Notes: A simple menu toolbar was added to allow switching between several menu modes. Menus will display in wheel mode horizontally/vertically and rotate counter/clockwise. You can switch from wheel into shuffle mode and back. The documentation on project management issues was updated to allow new users and support requesters instant access to central project knowledge.

      •  08 Apr 2007 06:26

        Release Notes: The directory structure was cleaned and some minor documentation changes were made.

        •  06 Apr 2007 16:18

          Release Notes: This release adds support for images as spatial menu items (the XML format for menu descriptions was extended slightly, allowing you to add image tags). The demo content has been cleaned up for distribution. Some presentation value has been added to show off the app's potential.

          Recent comments

          11 Apr 2007 13:06 wimpfard

          Re: Awesome

          > Quake for the Web. ;^)

          Hmm, a neat Hommage to Quake could be fun :)

          I hope to present other really challenging stuff soon, if developement keeps up the speed it had so far.

          08 Apr 2007 17:15 lochmonster

          I await with anticipation the release of Quake for the Web. ;^)

          But seriously, this will be a nice cross-platform alternative to the "Windows Presentation Foundation" stuff that MS released, at least the web part of it.


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