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The project is an attempt to build a high quality library of general Java code. Both the specifications and the code are tagged with a quality label in order to provide releases with different quality levels.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  08 Sep 2002 23:46

    Release Notes: An Ant-like FileSet was added, along with basic predicates for selecting files based on patterns. The javadocs are now generated by the JML tool.

    •  21 Jul 2002 23:22

      Release Notes: This release adds a predicate package for creating reusable unary predicates. The org.jutil.structure package has been refactored and renamed to org.jutil.relation. Another major update is the restructuring of the packages.

      •  17 Jun 2002 01:27

        Release Notes: The switch to JRegex caused the javadocs of 0.1 to be incomplete; this is fixed now. Additionally, priority queues and extended comparators have been added.

        •  11 Jun 2002 07:13

          Release Notes: The directory structure has been refactored and the builds are more automated. JRegex is now used for regular expressions to avoid JDK 1.4 dependencies, and a new junit test class performs revision checks. Other new library functionality includes FIFO queues, math code, a Swing class, and a new File class.

          •  06 May 2002 18:51

            Release Notes: There is a bugfix in HouseholderHessenbergReducer. There is Schur and eigenvalue decomposition, SkipList collection, and more documentation in the collections package.


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            Project Spotlight

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