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JURPE (Java Universal Role Playing Engine) is a Java API to support the development of computer RPG games based on a skill-based, three dice RPG system. It comes with a small Swing demo featuring a medieval warrior exploring randomly generated 2D dungeons.

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Jurpe v.0.4.0 is out 17 Dec 2013

Jurpe is a Java Universal RolePlaying Engine released as a Java API.
It comes with a full featured RPG demo, fully playable, featuring a complete ...

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  •  18 Dec 2013 23:07

    Release Notes: This release is a major refactoring of the source code, now supporting Maven build. A lot of bugfixes and improvements were made. New setups for Windows (.msi) and other operating systems (.zip) are available.

    •  03 Oct 2008 12:53

      Release Notes: The UI was redesigned to be more cross-platform. The dialog manager has been developed and it's featured in the new Mages Guild. A shop now indicates if you can use or afford an item. The source code GUI now supports the Netbeans Matisse editor. A new log system was added.

      •  08 Nov 2007 06:14

      Release Notes: A Ranged Weapons feature was added. The hexagon geometry layout was made larger. A "Bow" skill was added (with two sample ranged weapons). An Aim mode ("a" key) was added. Minor bugs were fixed. Source code refactoring was done.

      •  28 Nov 2006 09:20

      Release Notes: The UI was redesigned. Logs now correctly scroll down. JBuilder specifics were removed. Swing elements are now visible with Eclipse Visual Editor. Minor bugfixing and refactoring was done.

      •  10 Jan 2006 04:37

      Release Notes: Time now flows in the game and can be checked by pressing 'T'. Monsters now attack and move based on monster movement rate, which is based on dx and hit points. Every five minutes (in the game time) you have the chance to recover one hit point and your fatigue with a success roll based on your HT. The combat log was slightly reduced and made more clear. "Hidden walls" at the edges of the map were removed. When digging, you can now return through the dig passage. Other minor bugfixes and improvements were made.


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