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JumboMem gives unmodified binaries transparent access to memory spread across multiple computers. The goal is to improve the performance of memory-hungry applications by replacing accesses to a slow paging device (a disk) with accesses to fast RAM located across a high-speed network. Unlike other memory servers, JumboMem does not need administrator privileges either to install or run.

Operating Systems

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Release Notes: The code was modified to fake the /proc/meminfo file to better maintain the illusion of a single node with a huge amount of memory. The values returned by fread(), fwrite(), fread_unlocked(), and fwrite_unlocked() were corrected to be in terms of elements, not bytes.

  •  24 Nov 2009 22:27

Release Notes: Multi-threaded applications now work with JumboMem. The code builds with the latest versions of SCons and works with the latest version of Open MPI.

  •  09 Nov 2007 04:44

No changes have been submitted for this release.

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22 Feb 2009 05:04 dayqz Thumbs up

great project!
It helps a lot!


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