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jTracer is a visualization tool for libcsdbg. When libcsdbg creates a stack trace for a caught exception, a thread, or a process-wide stack trace dump, it can be configured to broadcast the trace data through TCP/IP (UDP/IP, RS-232, USB, etc. are under development). jTracer catches those data and visualizes them to the user, sorted and ordered by TCP/UDP/IP address/port (or serial port), process ID, and executable, thread, and timestamp. It's particularly useful when you're doing cross-development and your target platform has no resources to visualize output. The rationale behind the development of jTracer is similar to gdb/gdbserver functionality.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  11 Feb 2014 01:35

    Release Notes: This beta release adds an installer (jar autodeflated executable) that is expected to work well (although not all its features are implemented) with Linux and Windows (both 32- and 64-bit) systems. The implementation of the installer mandates the use of Java 1.7. In addition to the source code and the old build system, precompiled distributions are now available for Linux and Windows. Future releases will embed these two installers into one, and the installer itself will gradually evolve into a separate general purpose jar installer.

    •  04 Feb 2014 00:07

      Release Notes: This version features a massive code rework where the project architecture was changed to facilitate keep-alive sockets. A libcsdbg-debugged process can now use a single connection (unique session) to send all the trace data. Using one socket for all LDP messages has obvious advantages, as distances between peers increase. This results in smaller, better implementations, with smaller memory footprint and lower time complexity. Classes were redesigned (a session manager is added) to declutter the big objects in older versions. The GUI was further optimized. Various bugs were identified and fixed.

      •  09 Jan 2014 22:26

        Release Notes: This release adds major code reworking, with various major features added, extensive optimizations, and a lot of bugs fixed. Nevertheless, this remains a beta version, as there are some basic features missing and the authors need further testing and feedback to eliminate bugs in the basic features. The LDP (Libcsdbg Debug Protocol) was reworked so jTracer is now compatible with versions of libcsdbg >= 1.14. The installation system is not added to this version, but it is 90% complete, and will appear in the next version. For this version, precompiled editions will become available for Linux and Windows.

        •  11 Dec 2013 02:36

          Release Notes: This is the first beta release, bringing you most of the basic features completed, with a basic build/installation system and enough documentation to get started. The build system is mostly Linux-targeted, but experienced users of the Java compiler will be able to install in other platforms as well (the code is portable). See the dependencies section to get the right version of libcsdbg for this release.


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