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jSyncManager is a Java-based data synchronization toolkit for PalmOS handhelds. It consists of a developers API, including a fully Palm-compatible synchronization protocol stack, and a set of end-user applications. It is ideal for use by any individual or organization that needs fast, stable, and easily extendable PalmOS handheld data synchronization that can run on a variety of platforms. It also supports plug-ins, which can be used to add synchronization support to applications, and includes a variety of import and export modes, including XML and CSV.

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Release Notes: Minor changes were made since version 1.1 beta 01 to ensurre compatibility with the new jSyncManager API v3.2.

Release Notes: This release is built against the latest jSyncManager API, and includes a variety of bugfixes and minor enhancements.

Release Notes: This release sees a rewrite of the Alerter jConduit, the addition of the MemoWriter jConduit, and a variety of bugfixes and minor enhancements.

  •  12 Nov 2004 11:05

Release Notes: This release sees some major additions over alpha 02, including new user validation features, RPC and "magic packet" parsing, support for the Javax.USB API, preliminary support for Plucker document handling, and long PAD Packet support for conforming devices.

Release Notes: This release adds the NetInstaller jConduit, which allows you to install PRC and PDB files to your handheld device from a list file containing URLs to their locations.


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