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  •  27 Sep 2013 20:24

Release Notes: The long-awaited release of version 0.98 of JSXGraph contains the new element "slope triangle", improved sector elements, an updated moodle plugin, and many other smaller changes. There has been a considerable speedup of the underlying SVG drawing, which results in a smooth handling on very small devices. As always, numerous bugs have been fixed.

Release Notes: This release introduces many new features, like segments of fixed length, magnetized points, and Catmull-Rom splines. Further, the handling of mouse events and touch events has been much improved. Many new options were introduced. For example, it is now possible to supply CSS classes for individual HTML texts. Many bugs have been fixed, especially during during creation and deletion of multiple boards in one HTML file.

  •  17 Aug 2011 21:22

Release Notes: This release enables the dragging of lines, circles, texts and images. Axes are considerably improved as well as the handling of touch events on iOS and Android. Many bugs have been fixed, and the import of GEONExT and Intergeo files is more stable now. The documentation has been expanded significantly.

  •  08 Jun 2011 19:47

Release Notes: This version is a major rewrite of the code base, which results in significantly less code. The handling of visual attributes is now much more flexible. Feature requests have been added. The loading time has been improved as well as output to HTML5 canvas. Texts and images are integrated much more tightly. Finally, the API documentation has been improved by magnitudes.

Release Notes: This release adds support for the canvas element in Web browsers. This enables the use of JSXGraph on Android devices. Handling of multitouch events, locus computations, and root finding have been improved. New element types are B-splines, incircles, Reuleaux polygons, and roulettes (rolling curves). Mathematical texts may use MathJax now; the parsing of math syntax has been improved. Further, this release contains many bugfixes, the source has been refactored considerably, and unit tests have been introduced.

  •  26 May 2010 22:20

Release Notes: Beside many bugfixes, this release introduces conic sections (ellipse, hyperbola, and parabola) as new elements, as well as new chart elements like radar charts. There is also a new shortened syntax for geometric constructions. Reading of zip files has been enabled for all browsers, even IE. The quality of the Geogebra import has been improved, and the import of Cinderella files has been started. As a further feature, this release contains a color blindness simulation.

Release Notes: This release contains bugfixes and some speed improvements. There are also major feature enhancements. The Runge-Kutte method is used to solve ordinary differential equations numerically. Tangents and normals are now also possible for data plots and turtle graphics. The HSV color scheme (Hue, Saturation and Value) was introduced. All elements may have a label now. Integer sliders are now possible, as well as sliders with other step widths. Setting the visible area of the board can now be done by supplying a bounding box. Exact (symbolic) computation of loci can be done.

  •  10 Mar 2009 18:29

Release Notes: This release introduces the new elements tangents, normals, and curve interpolation with Neville's algorithm. Intersection of curves is possible now. The display of coordinate axes has been improved. A zoom and navigation bar has been introduced. There are many bugfixes, including an IE8 incompatibility and full jQuery support. This release contains JSXGraph plugins/filters for WordPress, Moodle, MediaWiki, and Joomla, and a PDF reference card for a quick overview.

  •  06 Feb 2009 10:54

Release Notes: JSXGraph now works alternatively with Prototype or jQuery. New elements are tangents and normals on curves and Lagrange-Polynomials for dynamic functions. The parsing of Intergeo files has been improved. Further changes are bugfixes and internal cleanups.

  •  21 Jan 2009 20:00

Release Notes: Turtle graphics are included as full geometry elements. Axes and handling of homogeneous coordinates have been improved. The API for sliders has changed. Many new examples are included, e.g. calculus and Lindenmayer systems.


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