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  •  31 Jan 2007 06:15

Release Notes: Documentation was added for class evolution/object migration by transforming the XML using XSLT.

  •  20 Sep 2004 00:52

Release Notes: Documentation of JSX applications, features, and benefits were added to the Web site in an easily navigable form. This version is confirmed to work with Apple's 1.4.2_05.

  •  29 Mar 2004 01:41

Release Notes: More helpful instructions were added to the trial version.

  •  07 Jan 2004 02:28

Release Notes: An XSLT example for databinding has been added, that shows how to map between JSX's XML format and another XML format.

  •  15 Dec 2003 00:25

Release Notes: In this version, the manual has been updated, including documentation of objectReplace, objectResolve, classResolve, and recognition of either apostrophes or quotes to delimit attribute values.

  •  13 Nov 2003 23:26

Release Notes: This version includes an XML schema of the XML format for all classes serialized with JSX. A walk-through for using a memento to change the representation of Java classes was added.


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