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jsVortex is a BEEP implementation written in Javascript. It is designed to run in the context of a Web browser, turning it into an effective BEEP peer without too much effort.


RSS Recent releases

  •  13 Mar 2014 21:14

    Release Notes: This release adds full support for BEEP over WebSocket. Several bugs were fixed, and various engine improvements were applied.

    •  22 Aug 2012 21:10

      Release Notes: This release fixes a bug while handling SEQ frames under low traffic. It adds an extended API to allow XML handling and processing.

      •  21 May 2012 21:12

        Release Notes: This release fixes support for the latest Java Applet releases (version 7). It fixes byte length verification when broken (split in the wrong place) UTF-8 content is received.

        •  04 Jan 2012 22:11

          Release Notes: This release includes some fixes and a new building process that allows delivering a release version (without any debug statement) and a debug version (that includes them).

          •  12 Jul 2011 20:57

            Release Notes: This is a new stable release that adds support for Safari and Opera.


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