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JSPTemplates is a template engine that allows developers to write JSP pages that are very similar to the Sun API. The output of the pages does not have to be sent over the Web, and can be saved to a file or streamed in any other way. Any Java can be embedded in a JSP page, making the engine much more flexible than other template engines, and precludes the requirment to learn new syntax. It can also be used as a more flexible alternative to xslt for dynamically generating XML.

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  •  14 Dec 2002 22:30

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    11 Feb 2003 16:04 vikipha

    why 1.0?
    I lost day of my life with this project.
    this is not alpha, this is equivalent of "Hello World"!
    message to author: please make it commercial, closed source and as much expensive as possible. Idealy port this code to Visual basic.


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