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jsonwidget is a set of libraries implementing a form interface for editing arbitrary JSON files. There are two implementations so far: jsonwidget-python, a terminal window implementation suitable for editing forms via ssh or in a local terminal window, and jsonwidget-javascript, a client-side JavaScript library that generates a basic HTML form interface in a Web browser. Application designers using one of these libraries have the option of providing a schema, limiting the input to a subset of valid JSON compatible with whatever application is actually consuming the JSON, or using a provided permissive schema that allows any valid JSON. The libraries are capable of dynamically generating a form is using nothing more than a schema and a JSON file as input.

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  •  22 Apr 2010 07:03

Release Notes: A new insert item command was added in jsonedit. New TreeFileDatatype and TreeFileWrapper classes were added, which make it easier to create new editors. A new yamledit example was provided along with better documentation, some initial unit tests, and other minor improvements and bugfixes.

  •  09 Mar 2010 21:55

Release Notes: This release is packaged for Ubuntu Karmic.

  •  05 Mar 2010 07:48

Release Notes: This version now installs via easy_install.


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