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Jsmtpd is a small and modular SMTP server daemon. It is heavily based on plugins, and currently supports spam detection (Spamassassin, Jasen, RBL servers, and BlackList), anti-virus (Clam Antivirus), Recipient rewriting, and many other filters. Filtering is done with a customisable tree of filters. Almost all functionality is implemented as plugins, making it easy to fit your needs.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  29 Apr 2006 20:47

    Release Notes: In this release, code has been cleaned up and refactored. It mainly includes several bugfixes in the LDAP plugins and DNS resolver, and thread usage was improved. New plugins have been added: maildir writer, LMTP delivery (experimental), and spf/greylist.

    •  11 Sep 2005 11:00

      Release Notes: This release provides an improved core. Additionnaly, error reporting has been improved (original mail messages are now attached with errors; reports are sent in case of temporary failures). The core has been partially refactored to Java 5.0 generics. This releases also introduces a set of LDAP plugins: access control, recipient rewriter, and authenticator.

      •  14 Jul 2005 05:32

        Release Notes: This releases fixes bugs in the I/O code on a minority of remote SMTP servers. The SMTP sender protocol has been changed to handle specific bad server responses. The DNS resolver plugin has been fixed to resolve subdomain mail exchangers in case of primary domain failure. There is also a first implementation of an SMTP relay delivery plugin. Finally, the documentation has been updated, based on the development wiki drafts.

        •  06 Jun 2005 00:50

          Release Notes: This release supports TLS (SSL) secured communications and SMTP authentication. The core has been modified to support common future SMTP extensions, and the documentation has been updated.

          •  14 May 2005 00:18

            No changes have been submitted for this release.


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