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JSmbGet enables you to browse and download files from SMB networks other than your own local one. It consists of two parts, a server and a client. The server is installed on a machine on the remote network you want to be able to browse. It is useful when, for example, you have a LAN at home or at work with one computer acting as a gateway and the only visible computer for computers outside of the LAN is the gateway. With the JSmbGet server running on the gateway, you can access all of the SMB shares within the LAN from wherever you wish, using the JSmbGet client.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  28 Aug 2002 17:03

    Release Notes: This is to be considered a preview release to get fast feedback on the Graphical User Interface introduced in this version. The GUI is not very functional yet, but basic operations are supported. Some new features have also been added to the text-based client, like tha ability to "attach" a download and to clear completed downloads.

    •  18 Jul 2002 14:29

      Release Notes: This is the first sharp version of JSmbGet. There are no known bugs. No features have been added since the last beta, but a few bugs have been fixed. For example, a bug that caused the server to fail to change directory after an attempt to cd into an invalid directory has been fixed.

      •  08 Jul 2002 08:04

        Release Notes: The "help" command now also displays information about the "info" command properly. "info" now prints the speed of the transfer. "info" can now print detailed info like the estimated time of arrival of a specific download and not just a summary of all current downloads. "ls" now accepts wildcards. More options in the configuration file such as auto-connect are now available.

        •  23 Jun 2002 13:31

          Release Notes: The interface has been totally rewritten. JSmbGet now supports commands like CD, GET, and LS, making it much more usable. Two scripts for starting the server and the client more easily are now included. The messages written to console from the server are still not very useful, though this will be improved.

          •  03 Jun 2002 23:37

            Release Notes: Ability to resume interrupted downloads, a fix for a big mistake that made the server use a hardcoded WINS, and allowing the user to set the WINS in a config file (which will make JSmbGet work much better).

            Recent comments

            18 Jul 2002 10:58 torgny

            JSmbGet 0.1 released!
            The first stable release of JSmbGet has arrived!

            The development of JSmbGet 0.2 has already begun, and some planned features are the ability to upload files and a nice Graphical User Interface.

            Please send me feature requests and opinions on what need to be changed from 0.1.


            08 Jul 2002 16:28 torgny

            Final beta?
            As you can see the 4:th beta has arrived. We're getting close to a 0.1 version now. No new features will be added before the sharp 0.1, but I need you guys to send me comments about bugs and stuff like that.

            23 Jun 2002 14:53 torgny

            0.1b3 released!
            The next beta is here. We're closing up to the end of the beta cycle, but there'll be atleast one more beta release before the sharp 0.1 is out. 0.1b3 vastly improved the interface of JSmbGet that is now looking a bit like "smbclient" for Unix/Linux.

            13 Jun 2002 16:37 torgny

            Good stuff coming...
            During the summer the development of JSmbGet will be a bit slower, however there is a new beta coming that makes JSmbGet alot more useful. The next release will include changes like: Commands like CD, LS and GET is now available instead of the unintuitive interface used in the first betas.



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