Version 0.9 of JSkat

Release Notes: This release comes with many bugfixes and improved playing strength of the computer players.

    Other releases

    •  03 Nov 2013 02:38

      Release Notes: This is mostly a bugfixing release. It fixes many of the most-annoying errors which caused JSkat to freeze or behave strangely. There are new card sets to choose in the options dialog.

      •  13 May 2013 17:21

        Release Notes: It's now possible to play hand games on the International Skat Server (ISS) again.

        •  11 May 2013 11:08

          Release Notes: The AI player with neural networks is starting to play meaningfully. Nonetheless, playing against the AI players on the International Skat Server (ISS) for the time being is recommended.

          •  28 Aug 2012 22:50

            Release Notes: The playing on the International Skat Server (ISS) has been improved. There is a new AI player (Beta) which uses algorithms. Some bugfixes are also included.

            •  25 Mar 2012 11:00

              Release Notes: This release fixes a serious bug in 0.10 which prevented JSkat from starting correctly.


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