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JsHttpRequest is a library for AJAX-based script creation. It features cross-browser compatibility (IE 5.0+ including disabled ActiveX, Mozilla 1.7+, FireFox 1.0+, Opera 7.3+, and Safari); file uploads from user browser to the server; full support of PHP debug features (including fatal error handling); multi-dimensional data structures exchange (JSON analog); PHP session support; and optimal data loading method choosing (XMLHttpRequest, Microsoft.XMLHTTP, etc.) depending on the current browser. The interface is compatible with XMLHttpRequest.

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Recent releases

  •  03 Apr 2007 21:02

    Release Notes: Fully automatic regression test suite (even better and guaranteed cross-browser compatibility). The library code is now module-based (e.g. JsHttpRequest-script.js is 8K only). Support and "transparent" work with any character encoding (including any national). The library code is now compressed using the dojomin utility (the size is lowered greatly). Automatic support for PHP's native JSON functions (if available; this speeds up performance by 3 times). The XML loader now returns valid JSON. New documentation: easy to understand tutorial and protocol specifications.


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