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Javascript Browser Sniffer

The Javascript Browser Sniffer is a Javascript library for identifying which browser and operating system the visitor is using, including the version number. It also detects bots and the Flash plugin. It currently identifies 30 browsers, 14 browser engines, 25 operating systems, and 6 bots, comprising more than 99% of the visits to any site and making it far more powerful than the Mozilla JavaScript sniffer.

Operating Systems

RSS Recent releases

  •  04 Nov 2006 21:22

Release Notes: Some bugs in Flash detection were fixed.

  •  28 May 2004 10:46

Release Notes: This release also works on the server-side, and identifies the Macromedia Flash plug-in (client-side). Support was added for NetCaptor, Lynx, Dillo, GoogleBot, GoogleBot-Image, MSNBot, TurnitinBot, ZyborgBot, and wget. Support for HP-UX, and version detection for OpenVMS, SunOS, AmigaOS, and OS/2 was also added. A new getMSIEVersion() function gets Microsoft Internet Explorer and MSIE-powered browsers' engine version. Test strings are provided for browsers and bots (see "test strings" directory). Many fixes and improvements were also made to the documentation.


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