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JRoar is a streaming sever for Ogg in pure Java. It casts live Ogg streams to Ogg Vorbis players as IceCast2 does and shouts live Ogg streams to IceCast2 and JRoar. JRoar also accepts live Ogg streams from Ices. The uniqueness of JRoar is that JRoar works as a proxy for live Ogg streams and enables you to share single stream with others.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  16 Oct 2004 20:13

    Release Notes: This release can relay grouped Ogg streams, such as Ogg Theora streams. It can also stream Ogg Theora files from the local hard disk.

    •  28 Nov 2002 16:30

      Release Notes: This release supports HTTP Basic Authentication in accepting an Ogg stream from the streamer, like Ices. It also supports relaying Ogg streams from the PeerCast network.

      •  27 Aug 2002 21:24

        Release Notes: This release supports the live streaming in Speex, which is a patent-free compression format designed especially for speech.

        •  16 Apr 2002 18:20

          Release Notes: This release can dish out the pure Java Vorbis player on demand and become the applet host.

          •  01 Apr 2002 17:14

            Release Notes: Fixes for several dead-locking and freezing problems, and some minor feature enhancements.


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