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Release Notes: A small correction in the translation for the staff functionality. Corrections in the citation dialog and HTML filtering in staff forms.

Release Notes: This release has a view to categorize staff members by position. It adds CVs in member profiles. It fixes a bug when importing publications.

Release Notes: This release supports separation of former and current members in the staff view, adds a Joomla! search plugin, can show full texts and online versions for publications in default and tabular views, and fixes multiple minor bugs. This is a testing release which is not recommended for production sites.

Release Notes: This release corrects the control panel image informing the user about the latest version, adds a title field for staff, makes small enhancements in markup for facilities, cooperations, and publication frontend views, and compares firstname initials when mapping staff members to author fields in input bibtex files.

  •  09 Mar 2009 18:20

Release Notes: Correction of a fatal error in publications view and improvements in the treatment for editors in publications.

  •  04 Mar 2009 19:02

Release Notes: Support for CSE, Chicago (Author-Date system), and Vancouver citation styles. Improvements in management of Latin-accented characters and BibTeX entities. Support for patents as a type of publication. Management of cooperations, facilities, and teams. Management of financiers for research projects. Editing of publications from the frontend including ACL implementation. A help page. A configurable frontend view for listing publications in a tabular way, including filters by several fields.

Release Notes: Correction of a bug when importing BibTeX files generated by JabRef. Minor corrections in translations and publications list views.

Release Notes: Several minor bugs have been corrected in the frontend edition for publications. Support for Bibtex entities in export functionality. Correction of missing language keys.


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