Version 0.68 of JRecord

Release Notes: Support was added for Open Cobol (Standard, Micro Focus Compatible, MVS, BS2000) and Fujitsu support was improved. Mainframe support is present as always. The Open Cobol (Microfocus mode) should work for Microfocus Cobol. Cobol Support was improved, including sync support, Comp-1, Comp-2 (Non-Mainframe Cobols), and other minor fixes. A file copy utility was added. Open Cobol VB files are supported. Hex CSV files (i.e. using a field seperator like x'FF') are supported. Also included are changes related to the RecordEditor and FFReport projects.

    Other releases

    •  16 Jul 2013 12:46

    Release Notes: This release included a number of fixes and minor improvements for COBOL, and some other minor improvements. Significant improvements were made in the editor (macro support, docking/un-docking, etc.).

    •  25 Apr 2012 18:19

    Release Notes: This release adds an option to pass Cobol Copybooks in as a Stream (as well as by filename), makes Xml file descriptions support boolean expression when selecting records, fixes problems in nested Occurs, bases the utilities on RecordEditor 0.80.6, gives the editor an enhanced exportation function, and makes a number of GUI changes.

    •  21 Mar 2011 06:44

    Release Notes: Support was added for multiple record-selection fields in both package and utilities. Binary field search was improved in the wizard. The Save-As/Export and Options dialogs were improved in the editor.

    •  08 Sep 2010 03:54

    Release Notes: This release fulfills a couple of user requests. There is an option for having column names in quotes for CSV files, and an enhanced copy utility.

    •  07 Jul 2010 07:40

      Release Notes: A bug was fixed for the core library, and utilities were updated (based on RecordEditor 0.69). The Layout Wizard (used to create File Descriptions from a file) now has field Search, better binary file support, and support for multi-record files.


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      BASH History Suggest Box

      A command history suggestion box for BASH.


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      A basic image difference viewer.