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Release Notes: This release is the current state of the 4.0 branch. It includes a few new features, major code refactoring, and long-awaited enhancements.

Release Notes: This beta version brings new bugfixes, enhancements, and features.

  •  18 Dec 2012 21:35

Release Notes: This version brings client-side scheduling and SLA, class loader performance and resilience improvements, and IPv6 readiness.

  •  19 Oct 2010 05:18

Release Notes: Idle computer scavenging was implemente: nodes can now start when no keyboard or mouse activity has occurred for a specified time, and stop upon any new activity. The scheduling mechanism provides more fairness among concurrent jobs with the same priority. Log and trace messages from remote nodes and servers are now accessible as JMX notifications. A new mechanism enables the detection of and recovery from hardware failures of a node or server and brings a new level of resilience and reliability to the JPPF grid. A node can now run in the same JVM as a JPPF server.

Release Notes: A new ExecutorService facade was added to the grid. The administration console has seen multiple enhancements and bugfixes. Jobs can now be set to expire at a specified date and time. The J2EE connector can now discover servers on the network and connect to multiple servers. Numerous bugfixes have increased the overall scalability and reliability of the framework.

  •  26 Nov 2009 09:33

Release Notes: This version represents a major evolution of the JPPF platform. It brings innumerable new features and enhancements over the previous versions, including new job SLA and management features, new platform extensibility capabilities, an enhanced administration console, convenient additions to the distribution, and completely rebuilt documentation.

  •  19 Feb 2009 10:38

Release Notes: A new API enables users to run non-Java processes on the nodes. JPPF is now integrated with GigaSpaces XAP. Jobs and tasks can now be prioritized. The configuration of a client connection pool is now easy and intuitive.

  •  17 Dec 2008 18:21

Release Notes: Servers are now automatically detected, removing the need to use configuration files. The administration console was enhanced for greater usability. Administration commands can now be sent to multiple nodes at once. The nodes' CPU usage can now be managed by setting the priority of the execution threads. Critical class loading issues were fixed in the J2EE JCA connector.

  •  30 Oct 2008 17:24

Release Notes: Tasks can now be defined from plain old Java objects. A new JPPF Quick Start Guide is now availabe online and offline. A new management feature enables resetting a node's task counter. Improvements to the remote JMX connectivity facilitate the JPPF administration through firewalls. Bugs were fixed in the peer-to-peer communication between servers.

  •  18 Sep 2008 21:08

Release Notes: Tasks can now be defined from existing code using annotations. A new, simplified API for defining and submitting tasks was implemented. The amount of logging on disconnection events from the server was reduced to a manageable level. Multiple bugs were fixed that prevented the nodes from running as services. Multiple fixes were made to the JPPF screensaver.


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