Version 0.99.8 of J-Pilot

Release Notes: An install user function, better GTK-2 support, and a Kinyarwanda translation have been added. There are many bugfixes and improvements. Slackware, SuSE 9.3 and 10.0 packages are available.

Other releases

Release Notes: Calendar support was added and pilot-link 0.12.5 is required for this. GTK1 code was removed. GTK2 is required. A bug in which categories are lost during the first sync was fixed. In the GUI, ToDo items that are due today are marked by a soft green color. New alarm clock and lock icons were added. Radio buttons were added to select between timed and untimed events. VCARD export was overhauled, including adding IM, Birthday, and Website fields. Many other bug fixes and small changes were made.

  •  15 Feb 2009 22:48

    Release Notes: Contacts created on Palm were not always synced correctly. Bugzilla issue #1973 (Contacts with pictures caused a segfault) has been fixed.

    •  16 Dec 2008 06:52

    Release Notes: Category synchronization was rewritten and re-enabled in this release. Internationalization support was improved. libgcrypt support was added and Mac OS X bugs and crashes were fixed. There were also many other bugfixes and small changes.

    •  31 May 2008 08:51

    Release Notes: The newer Contacts and Memos databases are now supported. Many improvements and bugfixes were made.

    •  24 Sep 2006 16:42

    Release Notes: This release fixes a clipboard problem that caused X to lock up when run with certain applications. It fixes a major memo category sync problem. There are other minor improvements and fixes.


    Project Spotlight

    H2 Database Engine

    A Java SQL database engine.


    Project Spotlight

    Surf Canyon for Firefox

    A plugin to find things faster on Google, Yahoo!, and MSN.