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  •  20 Dec 2007 07:10

Release Notes: The ${dist.dir} and ${etc.dir}/Homepage directories were created to prepare for build.xml. "Testet" was changed to "tested" in error messages of DocumentTester and PdfBoxAnalyser. "Initalisation" was changed to "initialization" in New test methods were added. A method was added to the content interface. Six tests for this method were added in PdfTesterContentTest. The implementation of getPagesForContent in the PdfBoxAnalyser class was changed.

  •  25 Nov 2006 11:50

Release Notes: Much more output is produced by the assert methods. Bookmark tests were integrated. New assert methods for bookmarks were added. The dependency on junit 3.8.1 was removed. The dependency on junit 4.1 was added.

  •  19 Sep 2005 04:57

Release Notes: Correct property data is now integrated into the jar. The dependency on log4j was removed. The regex textsearchtype now works with the find() method of the Matcher class. Partial changes were made to the PDF access to change deprecated methods to the recommended methods. More details were added to the output of the assert methods.


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